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Hand Blenders

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Mail icon From the butchery-inspired name to the charcuterie cured in-house, its a place where lovers of meat meet to eat. Head up the staircase to its lofted atelier on the last Sunday of any month, however, and youll find a scene that may seem out of character: a bartender and a chef, crafting cocktails and plates that put the focus on seasonal vegetables. This new Botanical Series, which was launched in January, is a new pop-up series highlighting the talents of two local food creatives: bartender Amy Hartranft, who manages Prohibition Taproom (a sister establishment); and chef Palmer Marinelli, a Philly kitchen veteran who is working on plans for a dual restaurant and sustainability consultancy. In collaboration with Tim Kweeder, the general manager of Kensington Quarters, the pair take a particular ingredient, or category of ingredients, and poke at its established limitations, creating a sort of live, open-to-the-public riff session powered by veg-centric ideas. To be clear: Kensington Quarters already serves much more than just meat. Chef Damon Menapaces dedication to seasonality and sustainability extends well beyond burgers, rib eyes, and legs of lamb to include produce, as well as larder and pantry staples such as butter and flour. But this isnt clear to everyone at first glance a big reason why the pop-up series serves as an enlightening bit of internal counterprogramming. People automatically assume were a steak house, but at the end of the day, even when vegetarians and vegans come [in to eat], theyre pretty happy, because there are options for them, says Kweeder, who has worked with both Hartranft and Marinelli at past jobs. The overlooked philosophy of Kensington Quarters is that were all about farmers not just animal farmers. Where this fledgling series is concerned, adds Kweeder, its root to leaf, not snout to tail. For last months inaugural event, the team went with the theme of Evergreen not necessarily the first flora that comes to mind when planning dinner. Foraging along several undisclosed leafy locations within city limits, Hartranft collected bunches of pine needles, which she simmered with sugar and local cranberries to create a unique Oleo-Saccharum, a concentrated oil often used in old-school punch preparations.

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