An Insightful Overview On Recognising Elements For Small Kitchen Appliances

Small Kitchen Appliances

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The team has to seamlessly update the plans and stay on schedule. The couple spends a lot of time in the kitchen so the space was really important to the success of the renovation. The design called for high-end Cafe line appliances from GE. The homeowners also selected a 5-burners slide-in range and a convection microwave that doubles as an exhaust hood. From the beginning, there was a desire to make the two bathrooms, a his and hers. To meet the homeowners desire for an extremely clean bathroom, the team eliminated tiles and grout on the walls. Instead, imported Italian Zebra marble slabs were used on the shower walls. Each wall is one large slab of exquisite polished marble. One of the big surprises came when the tile in the master bathroom was demolished. A probe hole allowed the crew to see what was behind it, in doing so, they exposed a hidden window. With the ability to bring in some natural light, tearing out the entire wall and reframing was a no-brainer.

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