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More experienced users may use oils for a number of physical concerns. Essential oils are most commonly inhaled, diffused or applied to the skin. When using essential oils, it is important to remember that they can have negative effects. Following some basic rules can help avoid any problems. ▪  Learn everything you can about any oil before using it. ▪  Stop using any oil you are allergic to or sensitive to. ▪  Keep all oils out of the reach of children and pets. ▪  Some citrus oils like orange, lemon, or bergamot can cause sunburn when used on skin. Avoid using them at least 24 hours before sun exposure. ▪  Keep oils away from any source of fire — smoking materials, lighters, candles or cooking surfaces. ▪  Consult a certified aromatherapist before using aromatherapy with pregnant women, anyone with respiratory illnesses, children younger than 4, or the elderly. ▪  Remember, less is more. Using more oil does not enhance the effect and may actually cause a negative reaction. Use of aromatherapy has become more common in hospitals. If you bring your own aromatherapy to the hospital, ask your nurse about facility guidelines for use of oils in the setting. Any treatment you are receiving may interact with the oil and create a negative reaction, so tell your doctor if you are using essential oils (name of oil, method of use, how often you use it).

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